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This is a free Legionella Risk Assessment 

It must be filled out by a person who can demonstrate some knowledge and training in how to manage a water systems and what are the risks of Legionella & other Bacteria in a buildings water system

This is provided by Alegion Water Limited
If believe you have the training and ability to complete the survey please follow the prompt and complete the assessment. It is not rocket science & most houses flats and buildings have a simple water system and can easily be inspected.
You will need to test your hot water system for Legionella and produce a certificate from an approved UKAS Lab. 
We can provide you will an inexpensive postal test, which we can send out to any where in the UK, Ireland and Europe for £29:99 plus postage ( depending on where you live)
Email us a request for a quote, if your happy we send out the test kit. The kit has every thing you need to take a Legionella sample from your water system.

10 days later you get a UKAS certificate from our Lab.with your test results, which you pin to your risk assessment. 

You must also think about training for your staff we can provide a link for free training video for Legionella Awareness

Alegion Water Ltd 0207 097 5150  or Dublin on 01442 8515

UKAS Accredited sampling by post or in person

Legionella Risk Assessments

Legionella Awareness Training

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