Simple Solution to Making your own Demineralised

Deionized Water Filter 

Alegion Water Ltd

Simple Solution to Making your own Demineralised water  for Dental Autoclaves or Dental Chairs £99

We Build and supply off the shelf parts, nothing bespoke simple cheap solution to all your demineralised water requirements. 

simply refillable the unit with 1 litre of demineralization resin, as easy a making a filter coffee

The kit is simple. All fittings are push fit. No need to switch of the mains water. It comes with a self tapping valve will connect to any under sink 15mm pipe ( does not need a drain )

The unit comes fully assembled and will enable you to produce deionized / Mineralised water ( once connected to a water supply ) straight out of the box. The unit is capable of producing 50-90 litres of purified water before a recharge.

Email we will email you right back, with the quote, if your happy we will send out the unit or arrange a fitting date which ever you prefer 


Please note: Water quality varies across the country. This calculator is a rough guide of what you can expect to get from your resin. We've compiled the calculator formula from years of resin use data from across the country. Should your results drastically differ let us know!
Enter TDS Reading: 200 ppm
How many Litres a Day do you Use?   10 Litres
You should be able to make 3500 litres of pure water from one bag. The unit will need changing every 2 weeks. A 25 ltr bag will lasting approx 70 weeks. Or £1:14 per week
Unit complete is £99 + vat including TDS Meter & spare Resin
Fitting £50 if required


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