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Legionella Sampling by Post quick Easy and UKAS accredited results

Easy Postal Legionella Sampling Legionella &  TACC water quality test. The clear bottles with BLACK tops are Legionella or TACC (also called TVC tests) You fill these up to the top & screw on the black caps Which bottles are the right sample bottles ? Each bottle is dated & site reference number is already printed on the bottle.  Each bottle also states what tests is being done. Your Site Bottles Read The Labels on your site bottles These Labels will tell you where the samples are to be taken from These Labels tell you what you are sampling The sample bottles The bottles  an inhibitor agent to keep the inside of the bottle free of bacteria and neutralise the chlorine in the water sample. How to return the samples Check the bottles have the tops screwed on tight before you start packing them Place all the bottles in the A4 box and place the box in the pre-paid Royal Mail Courier Envelope or your own jiffy bag. Check the box is w