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Thermostatically Controlled valves SERVICING AND THE LAW

TMV`s The 1st thing is You will need to know what type of TMV is fitted in your site. Click above to find out Is it a TMV 1 or TMV 2 or a TMV 3  This information is available from your commissioning documentation, when the school Care Home Hotel etc was build and the TMV was commissioned ???? Visual inspection CANNOT confirm the type of TMV !!!!!! What type of TMV should you have installed at your building.  This is contained in this document. which is attached   BRE IP 14-03  look on the table on page 4  *PLEASE NOTE MOST SCHOOLS.* IT IS ONLY RECOMMENDED AND NOT LAW  (Except if you have a bath) On my assessment currently, most special needs Care Homes Hotels Schools,   required to have TMV 3`s fitted and have an annual inspected under the Act .You need to make sure these are carried out These are carried out. On my assessment currently, All Hotel Sports centres Care homes etc showers are required to have TMV 2`s fitted and annually inspect
New Updated Log book  FREE Legionella Site Log Book Here Free Legionella Risk Assessment  Free Legionella Logs book  Free L8 ACoP Downloads This is a free Legionella Risk Assessment  It must be filled out by a person who can demonstrate some knowledge and training in how to manage a water systems and what are the risks of Legionella & other Bacteria in a buildings water system This is provided by Alegion Water Limited If believe you have the training and ability to complete the survey please follow the prompt and complete the assessment. It is not rocket science & most houses flats and buildings have a simple water system and can easily be inspected. You will need to test your hot water system for Legionella and produce a certificate from an approved UKAS Lab.  We can provide you will an inexpensive postal test, which we can send out to any where in the UK, Ireland and Europe for £29:99 plus postage ( depending on where you live) Em
Alegion Water Ltd   We are a small bespoke company offering specialist help to companies and individuals who need assistance to comply with Legionella Approved Codes of Practice We carry out Legionella Risk Assessments in the North West and have offices to service other parts of the UK. Our clients include schools, local authorities & health centres. we specialise in provide no nonsense clear guidance on how to comply without costly remediation. Compliance with out the sale chat and costly additional works . We provide you with the information you need, backed up with all the paper work, RAMS, reports and UKAS analysis your required to have, a one stop service. Legionella Risk Assessment :  Industry, commercial & landlord Legionella Risk Assessments to ACOP L8, CQC and HSE and Standard. Legionella Risk Assessments Microbiological water analysis at an independent UKAS accredited laboratory.  Legionella Control  Water temperature monitoring, serv

How To take a sample & return it to our Lab

All test are completed by UKAS approved laboratory. We offer a complete pre-paid Postal Service It is  BEIS policy UK Kingdom Governmental services   to recommend the use of UKAS accredited conformity assessment services whenever this is an option .UKAS is a signatory to   international accreditation agreements which means this service is available internationally Email Your contact details & post/Zip code  we send you out the pack £34.99 inc vat One Legionella Water analysis inc UKAS Cert (yearly testing no stored water) £65.99 inc  Legionella & Tank Water analysis UKAS Cert (yearly testing stored water) Legionella Sampling The clear bottles has printed on it your details. It states the the Hot Tap sampling location location. The clear 200ml bottles with a BLACK are for legionella tests. Simply fill the bottle & screw on the black cap TACC / TVC  "Potability" water quality test. Small Round Bottles
Alegion Water Ltd Offer  Legionella Testing & Water Analysis Alegion Water Ltd offer a comprehensive suite of UKAS accredited laboratory tests, these include :- Legionella UKAS Test. ACOP practice approved sampling and water analysis of environmental samples for the detection of legionella bacteria and other waterborne pathogens commonly found in man-made water systems. TACC (TVC) UKAS Test. ACOP practice approved sampling and water analysis of environmental samples for the confirmation of drinking water quality. Testing for bacteria and other waterborne pathogens commonly found in man-made water systems. These postal sampling packages cost £59 + vat and include two tests one from the hot supply the other from the cold. It includes bottles, pre-paid postage, and a comprehensive guide & of course, UKAS accredited analysis email upon completion  The periodic sampling demonstrating that adequate control over a water system is being achieved. Our specialist