Legionella Filters £70:99  

Traps Bacteria of all types including Legionella

To order your filter just email :-


or use our contact sheet below

These filters also purify water for you and you family to drink 

What are they ? Filters Designed to exclude Bacteria in water

We are suppliers of Legionella / Bacteria filters made by Safe Water Products Europe

They are easy to fit, continue to work until the the filters are expended ( normally 6-12 months)

They provide pure water without any bacteria contamination. 

  1. Filter to fit Showers, flexible or fixed heads
  2. Taps and Outlets
  3. Jet wash machines or Garden hose 
  4. Decontamination showers and wash stations
  5. Boat Heads and Caravans
  6. Holiday Home & Villa Taps
  7. Hotel Shower heads for Business Trips and Holidays
  8. Water for extreme travellers and untreated supplies

So if its is water for your boat, your caravan, filling containers for a camping trip. Our filters will provide safe water no matter where the water is coming from

Just not sure if the water supply is safe ? or is are storages water tanks clean ?

When your are unsure ! & you want safe water to drink, use or bathe in
Why Not Just fit a filter bought from Us Alegion water Ltd 

The filter has a duel use. 

1. For your shower to protetect you from Legionella & Bacteria

2. Provide pure water to fill your caravan or your boats tanks or camping containers

Take them with you on your trip of voyage, avoid get yourself or your family ill from poor water quality

The filter are WRAS approved, CE kite marked and packaged for long life and storage. Lab tested.

Email alegionwater@gmail.com, 

whether it is 1 or 2 filters for a camping or for a holiday trip. Or to keep a whole building open and in use after a Legionella Positive we can supply you 

Dont be caught abroad or travelling and think is this water safe ?  "should have bought a filter"email for a quote, what you got to lose !


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