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The control of legionella bacteria in water systems HSG274

Legionnaires' disease. The control of legionella bacteria in water systems HSG274 Approved Code of Practice and guidance Free down load Date of publication: 2013 ISBN: 9780717666157 Series code: L8 (Fourth edition) This book is aimed at duty holders, including employers, those in control of premises and those with health and safety responsibilities for others, to help them comply with their legal duties in relation to legionella. These include identifying and assessing sources of risk, preparing a scheme to prevent or control risk, implementing, managing and monitoring precautions, keeping records of precautions and appointing a manager to be responsible for others. This fourth edition of the ACOP and guidance on regulations contains revisions to simplify and clarify the text. The main changes are removing Part 2, the technical guidance, which is published separately in HSG274, and giving the following issues ACOP s

New Water Treatment April 2015 Site Log Book

​   Blank 2015 year log Book.docx ​ Free Down Load for Water Treatment Site Log Book Here is the new Water treatment Log Book for 2017 You need to fill in the relevant pages. Remember you need yearly analysis from your hot and cold water systems. We offer a UKAs accredited postal service You may also need a yearly inspection which we can also do for you. Any questions or for a free comparable quote, training or analysis contact:- Alegion Water Ltd  0207 0975150
Legionella Yearly Inspection Requirements at a Glance HOT & COLD WATER SERVICES TEMPERATURE CONTROL REGIME L8 STANDARDS TO BE ADHERED TO (EXTRACTED FROM ACOP L8) Frequency Check Standard to meet Notes Weekly Little used outlets Flush through and purge to drain, or purge to drain immediately before use, without release of aerosols Monthly Sentinel Taps The water temperature should be below 20 ° C after running the water for up to two minutes The water temperature should be at least 50 ° C up to one minute of running the water This check makes sure that the supply and return temperatures on each loop are unchanged, i.e. the loop is functioning as required If fitted, input to TMV’s on a sentinel basis The water supply to the TMV temperature should be at least 50 ° C within a minute of running the water One way of measuring this is to use a surfa