What is a Schematic Drawing of your pipework ?

Your Legionella Risk Assessment requires a plan of your hot and cold water pipes(services) as these pipes run around  your building, unit or surgery. This plan is a representation, not an exact copy. A bit like the London Tube Map.

The idea of a schematic is to show, plainly and simply, a plan or map of pipes and make looking at this layout much easier to understand.

The Legionella Risk Assessment Schematic plan is draw in such away, to aid the users of the site Providing a way of quickly comprehending :-what the water pipes are doing and how the water moves around the site.

This means is is not an exact copy of the pipework on the site, just a accurate guide. It must show important testing areas of the building. For Example where the nearest and furthest outlets are located, (monthly monitoring) how the water routes around (flow and return) and where the high risks areas (little used outlets water storage). This is where Legionella or other harmful Bacteria could  accumulate and propergate in the sites water system

The two coffee machine plans below are a good way of clearly showing you the difference.

Coffee Machine schematic

Coffee Machine Plan

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